It's almost the weekend and we're going to wrap up the week with our current obsessions!


The legend Prince unfortunately passed away yesterday, but he will forever be immortalized in his music; he truly transcended genres.

 Did you know he was the first artist to combine techno sounds with drums in R&B? Virtually all hip hop and R&B now has those elements now because of his widespread influence. Even if you were not an avid Prince listener, chances are you loved an artist influenced by him, or even a song he wrote for someone else.  

Right now we're obsessing over Little Red Corvette x Prince!



Right now as the weather switches between cooler, rainier days and hotter, humid days, we're loving Pamplemousse Face Cream from our favorite Parisian beauty line, Yon'Ka. It's made with grapefruit enzymes that hydrate and brighten skin for that perfect dewy Spring look! 

Yon'Ka Pamplemousse




We are OBSESSED with La Croix's Curate Sparkling water. Not only is it a refreshing break from regular water, but it makes a great 0 calorie mixer for those cocktails this weekend!

La Croix Curate Cherry Lime (Cerise Limon) is Sybil's favorite. Mix it with 1.5 oZ vodka!

La Croix Curate Assorted Flavors; Dana Loves the Melon Pomelo with 1.5 oZ tequila


Comment below on your favorite obsessions this week!

We hope you have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!