Happy National Margarita Day!

Even though the date has been set well in advance, we'd like to think it was meant to be that Margarita Day would fall on arguably the worst day of the week. Yes, it's a rainy, gloomy Monday, but it's National Margarita Day and that's reason enough to celebrate - as if we had to twist your arm!

We'll be unwinding with a margarita (or two) to cap off the day, but did you know that the typical 8 oz margarita contains over 500 calories? 12 oz frozen margs are even worse, racking up 1000 calories or more! Luckily for us, our inhouse dietitian, Dana, has a recipe for a delicious All Natural Skinny Margarita for only 205 calories!



Going out for a drink? Here are some tips to keep it as SKINNY as possible:

  • Opt for On-the-Rocks. Frozen margaritas typically have much more high-calorie syrups to create that smooth consistency.
  • Look for skinny versions. Many restaurants and bars now feature lower calorie cocktail options, including skinny margaritas.
  • Skip the flavored ones. The strawberry mango 'rita may be tasty, but the flavoring comes from high calorie and high carb syrups that can cost you 200+ calories.
  • Ask the bartender to handcraft a 'rita. Fresh squeezed lime and simple syrup are much lower in calories than any pre-made mixes!