We have an experienced registered dietitian nutritionist onsite, licensed in Texas, for all your diet, health and wellness needs!

Nutrition Education + Counseling

Learn nutrition basics, have your caloric, nutrient and macro needs calculated for your lifestyle and desired results such as Weight Management, Fitness or Sports Performance. Set realistic goals and develop customized lifestyle plan. Can be tailored to certain disease states such as, but not limited to: Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes/PreDiabetes, Kidney Disease, Diverticulitis, and more.

Behavioral Nutrition Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Nutrition Therapy to eliminate dysfunctional patterns of eating. Understand triggers, learn coping mechanisms, and encourage behavior modification leading to healthy eating habits. This is best for eating disorders including binge eating disorder. 


Taking lots of supplements? Many people mistakenly take duplicate supplements or high doses of supplements. Our dietitian can slim down your supplement list so that you're not taking too much of anything or taking anything you don't need. Don't take any supplements? She can also give you customized recommendations for your health and wellness needs. 

Grocery Store Tour

Accountability Coaching

Grocery store tours are a fun and interactive way to learn about food and nutrition. Learn how to shop healthfully, how to read labels, how to avoid marketing ploys, how to shop fresh/in season, how to choose fruits and vegetables, and how to organize and plan your meals. 

The most intensive nutrition and lifestyle program we have. Includes 6 week program of detailed diet and exercise with daily check-ins for accountability. Followed by monthly programs with daily check-ins until you meet your health and fitness goals.