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Weight Loss

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Do you want to lose weight, or do you feel your diet is out of control? If you struggle to lose weight with diet and exercise alone, consider partnering with New Life Wellness and Medical Spa in Tomball, Texas. The doctors and nurses at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa offer nutrition and weight loss services, including the popular HCG diet, in a safe and attentive environment. Invest in yourself, and call or book an appointment online today.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet uses a bioidentical hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which the body produces naturally during pregnancy, to help you rapidly lose weight. Doctors offer this diet plan to patients in combination with a low-calorie diet.

HCG reduces the hunger, food cravings, weakness, and headaches associated with low-calorie diets. It also tells your metabolism to start burning fat. It does this by causing the body to release its adipose fat cells, which the body then processes for fuel.

The HCG diet is designed to produce rapid weight loss. The average HCG dieter loses between one and three pounds a day, often in problem areas like the thighs, hips, and stomach.

Is HCG safe?

When you practice the HCG diet with a physician, the program is safe. The providers at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa require that you check in with them once a week to share your success and to make sure that you are healthy.

New Life Wellness and Medical Spa also runs a maintenance program to help you maintain your weight loss after you’ve concluded the HCG diet. This approach is much safer and offers you a much higher likelihood of success than unsupervised programs.

What can I do to sculpt my body after the HCG diet?

After a major weight loss, your skin is often less firm and not quite as you pictured it. New Life Wellness and Medical Spa recommends that, after you complete your HCG diet, you try our SculpSure® laser therapy. SculpSure is a non-invasive, FDA-approved device that reshapes your curves. It targets areas like love handles and hips. The SculpSure laser kills fat cells by emitting a frequency they can’t stand. Once the cells die, the fat tissue naturally expels from your body over the course of a few weeks.

What other weight loss options are available to me?

In addition to the HCG diet and SculpSure® laser treatment, the team at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa offers diet counseling with a registered dietitian, lipotropic B12 shots for weight loss and energy, and pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements.

If you’re ready to embark on your health and wellness journey, schedule a consultation with New Life Wellness and Medical Spa online or over the phone.

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