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Icon & SculpSure Lasers

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Maybe you're looking to freshen your skin and get a new, rejuvenated look, or maybe you’re wanting to reduce unwanted body fat that simply won’t budge no matter how much diet and exercise you do. Luckily, the expert medical team at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa in Tomball, Texas has more than one solution for you. With the ICON™ laser, the team can improve the appearance of skin almost anywhere, including your face, torso, and legs. Using SculpSure® , you can finally get rid you of those pockets of stubborn fat you thought you had to live with forever. Call the office to make an appointment for these revolutionary treatments today. You can also use the convenient online booking feature.

Icon & SculpSure Lasers Q & A

What’s SculpSure?

SculpSure is an FDA-approved device that uses highly advanced laser technology to reshape your curves. It’s a safe and effective remedy for those love handles and other bulges that no amount of exercise seems to touch. The SculpSure laser doesn’t liquefy fat. Rather, it emits energy that damages your fat cells and causes them to die. The tissue is then expelled naturally by your body within a few weeks.

What’s the procedure like?

SculpSure treatment is a noninvasive procedure that’s performed at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa’s Tomball office. During the procedure, your expert specialist lays a template over the area being treated and the laser device snaps onto the template, resting on top of your skin.

SculpSure requires no incisions or anesthesia. Patients sometimes note slight warmth in the treatment area at the beginning of the procedure, but it’s otherwise painless. It only takes about 25 minutes to complete and multiple areas can be treated at once. There’s no bruising afterward and no need to wear the compression garments required after traditional or minimally invasive liposuction. There is also no recovery time, so you can return to normal activities immediately following the SculpSure treatment session.

Is SculpSure safe?

SculpSure has been designated safe by the FDA when used by qualified providers like those at New Life Wellness and Medical Spa. As energy from the laser penetrates through the dermis to heat fat cells, the device chills your skin and prevents the risk of burning or blistering sometimes associated with other laser therapies. Because there are no incisions, there’s no risk of infection. It’s not recommended for individuals with scarring, skin rashes, or open sores at the treatment site.

How long before I notice a change?

SculpSure isn’t an instant solution for removing unwanted body fat but it works relatively quickly compared to traditional liposuction. Individual results vary, but it usually takes 3-4 weeks before you see a reduction in those bulges you’d like to eliminate. You’ll continue to notice improvement for 6 months following the procedure.

What is the benefit of the ICON laser?

The laser uses ablative fractional laser technology to stimulate the regeneration of new skin. The energy from the laser causes an enhanced production of collagen and elastin, compounds that provide skin its youthful, springy, and supple appearance. It’s nonsurgical, meaning you have no incisions or sutures. You’ll have minimal downtime so you can return to your normal activities sooner, and with a refreshed, enhanced look.

What skin conditions can the ICON laser treat?

The laser offers a non-invasive way to enhance your appearance. It has a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stretch mark and scar treatment
  • Erasure of leg veins
  • Hair removal on the face and body
  • Skin texture improvement by resurfacing and providing photo rejuvenation

How does the ICON laser work?

The energy from the ICON laser targets structures beneath the surface layer of the skin. Your body responds with a natural healing response to correct dark spots, scar tissue, and deep lines and wrinkles. The laser may also be used to target hair follicles and destroy them so hair can’t regrow in unwanted places.

What happens at an ICON laser session?

After a consultation with a member of the team to make sure you’re a candidate for the treatment, you’ll be scheduled for a short session using the laser on the areas you wish to target. You’ll be set up in a private treatment room, and your provider applies the treatment wand to your skin. It starts to emit a cooling sensation, which helps protect your skin and ease the heat sensations experienced during the laser portion of the session.

Your provider moves the wand over the desired treatment areas, where it starts to penetrate the surface layer of the skin. You can expect to feel tingly heat, but most people tolerate the session quite well. Sessions last just 15 to 30 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of ICON laser treatment sessions you’ll need depends on the number of areas you choose to treat and your desired results. Your New Life Wellness and Medical Spa provider develops a customized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal results.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits and solutions both ICON and SculpSure have to offer, be sure to call and schedule an appointment with New Life Wellness and Medical Spa or book online.

*Individual results may vary

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