5 Tips for Surviving a Summer Cookout (with recipes!)


Classes are ending, the days are getting hotter, and it’s starting to feel more like summer – and that means time for barbecues! As much fun as it is, a cookout is still an event that is centered around foods that aren’t always on target with your health goals. Traditional barbecue favorites like hot dogs, chips and potato salad make it hard to stay on track with your diet, but here are some Summer Cookout Survival Tips:

  1. Choose the healthier options. Go for the chicken breast and salad instead of the burger. But if you’re going to have a burger, watch your condiments such as cheese or mayo, which can pack on unnecessary calories (a slice of cheese is 70-110 calories!) and definitely nix the chips and soda.
  2.  Bring a healthy side. Not only will you seem like the thoughtful guest you are, but you’ll also have at least one good side option, since those are far and few between. 
  3. Practice portion control. As the age old adage goes, everything in moderation. Yeah you love your neighbor’s potato salad, but a couple forkfuls is enough. And don’t hover by the snack table or you’ll eat much more than you mean to.
  4. Hydrate. Houston gets pretty hot this time of year, so you need to drink more water. A lot of people confuse hunger with thirst, which means you’ll end up eating more just because you’re thirsty.
  5.  Limit your alcoholic drinks. Although a lot of people would like to believe their drinks are calorie-free – they’re not. Yes, even your wine spritzer or light beer has on average about 100-120 calories per serving. Alcohol is also dehydrating and increases your appetite, which is why limiting your alcohol will help you stay on track. Check out some of our delicious low calorie drink options below!

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